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 Welcome to French Bulldog heaven


Our females are mostly fawn or red, but they throw many diferent colors. Our dogs are all well taken CARE of! We breed them once a year and provide THEM SOUND-NUTRITION with plenty of vitamins. Most of the time our dogs stay outdoors if the weather permits. They love to bath in the water as well as on the sun!

Please note that the names shown under each dog is the names we call them by, most of them have a different name on their papers.

                 OUR MALES!

Capreez,  24 lb. (Ukraine)

New Stud " Ivan The Great" BLUE



               Blue"Sultan Alizar (Belarus), 20 lb

Male " Bonny" RED

NEW Stud "Sultan" 


New Female Fawn Chocolate Mask " Rosie" 

New Female 

Fawn Merle " Gala"


New Female Blue Brindle " Lona" 


Female "Adoline Monroe" 25lb. 

Blue Fawn Female Sofira

Merle Female " Katusha" 

Florence De France    

Princess Elena, 25lb

Black fawn female " Nada" 


Female " LU

Princess Batterfly,  Female 24lb, Litter available in January 2015,

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